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Just another bubble of hot air... - 5%

silentscreamer, January 29th, 2013

Announced as “the debut album of the German death metal hope”, we’ll have to worry about a country’s whole genre scene if that shall be their hope.

Of course, the four-piece plays its instruments without any major mistakes, but this is nothing particular and seems to be the only thing they can manage. It lacks of variety and inspiration all the way. You can listen to one song quite easily, but the whole album becomes nearly a torture, despite the short playing time. You get the same blast beat-focused drumming, the same uninspired riffing, and the same tempo song after song. Do you like solos, catchy melodies, some groove parts or ideas that make music interesting? Well, this album offers none of that all. There are some more than predictable breaks, but that’s it. Oh, and the intro of “...And the Entrails Fill the Sea” tries to add a little bit of atmosphere, but the attempt is useless thanks to the cheap sample and the very poor sound.

The sound...what a topic. The production would fit well on a demo recording, but isn’t appropriate for a full-length of a band with a record label supporting them, especially for a band that is hyped to be the “German death metal hope”. The drums sound really messed up and you hear it best from the start as the intro sample fades and the drums enter, but it can be noticed throughout the album. The guitar dominates the mix, though it sounds not as powerful as it should. There's more noise than a real death metal guitar sound. Bass exists only in the booklet credits. Furthermore, it is neither audible or even to guess. And over it all hangs a kind of fuzziness. It’s very hard if not impossible to hear one instrument clear.

It is hard to say if the vocals suffer from the mix or the vocalist sucks, but I would say it is both. First, the vocals are far too week in the mix, but they’re also performed without any dedication or expression. The growling is not a real death metal growling and the high-pitched sections are simply annoying and in some parts the vocals sound rather than deathcore more than death metal.

In the conclusion, this album suffers from really one dimensional songwriting and the poor sound. To remember one song from it will be really hard because they’re all too similar to each other.

I will give this album 5 out of 100 only because it does not feature any beat downs or such stuff. Some freaks for modern stuff may have their fun with it for a week or so until it gets too boring, but real metalheads should keep their hands off.