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Septage > Septic Decadence > 2020, 7" vinyl, Me Saco un Ojo Records (Limited edition, 2 colors) > Reviews > Nattskog7
Septage - Septic Decadence

Corrupted and Putrid - 85%

Nattskog7, August 8th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, 7" vinyl, Me Saco un Ojo Records (Limited edition, 2 colors)

Sprawling forth from the murk, Septage are here with their debut EP of gory, rotten death metal.

Crashing cymbals and bellowing, bass heavy riffs churn into a swampy murk of filthy death metal with swirling gurgled vocals interspersing the instrumental barbarity. This is decrepit, monstrous and malignant death metal that is clearly inspired by early Carcass but also has a fairly unique sound in the mix that throws in some Mortician vibes too. Pulverising songwriting is delivered in the most odiously disgusting way to de-flesh your skull as its rhythmic hammering progresses (or regresses) through primal ooze into the charnel gut of death metal’s origins. Deliciously fetid and pungent doomy sections space out the grooving onslaught with some atmosphere while never straying far from a spontaneous eruption of miasmic grotesqueries. It is very fast that this EP will hook itself into your flesh and rot it from the inside.

Convulsing onwards, the spew of rancidity from the whole band expands into a disdainful snarl of musty drums, fleshy riffs and vomitous vocal spew. Clearly anything that is not deemed vile or brutal enough has been discarded as not a second on this debut release is anything short of gruesomeness. The slower riffs add a real catchy vibe to the tracks while stomping away at our brains with no less respite. Thunderous cacophonies of vile soundscapes and blistering solos entwine a ferocious cascade of rotting rhythmic savagery. Spinning out into frenzied rage, the EP loses no momentum as the monolithic closing track delivered one last bout of total carnage in the putrid formula we have seen throughout. A crushing closer to a malicious and decimating EP.

This EP is not for the weak. Pure unfiltered rotten death metal the old school way with some grind but not enough to loosen the tight sonic disgustingness. With silurian primality on the surface but plenty of catchy hooks and meaty riffing to swaddle the unwavering drums and an explosion of puke from the vocalist, this will satisfy your nastiest cravings.

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