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RottingCunt, October 10th, 2004

I just found out about Sepsism recently and I'm soo fucking glad I did. This is pure fucking brutal,Grinding Death insanity. Sepsism beats the fuck out of you nonstop for 35 minutes. The production is very thick,clear and punchy. The drumming is amazing with killer fills,blasting and double bass work. Their overall sound kind of reminds me a little of Dying Fetus mostly because of the vocals which go back and forth from a deep guttural growl to a high shrieking Metalcore scream. The lyrics are sick too with the song "The Bitter End" being about a drug crazed murderer who only kills while intoxicated. Fans of Dying Fetus,Pig Destroyer and true Brutal Death Metal will eat this release alive(or dead) and come crawling back for more and more.