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Promising Evocation - 85%

jsmaxey, June 16th, 2013

As far as death metal goes, this demo is relatively impressive in that it truly shows a band that’s going in a good direction. The riffs are heavy and, I daresay, catchy. The drumming is nothing spectacular, but it gets the job done. The vocals are definitely passable, sounding to me like they warble the fine line between higher and lower pitch vocalization of both black and death metal, reminiscent (not an exact copy, mind you) of Rotting Christ, an interesting mechanic when most aspects of the album are purely death metal.

The album starts off with an eerie intro speaking of the dark lord Cthulu, an appropriate intro to the crushing riff that follows with an eerie lead layered over the top. The first song leans towards the chugging death metal of Domination-era Morbid Angel, as opposed to the thrashy Altars of Madness-era Morbid Angel. This song also probably contains Hannes Executioner’s best drumming work on the short album. That being said, the album is blended nicely and flows quite well, flowing from thrash to sludge quite seamlessly. The solos are nice, eerie, but nothing that one hasn’t heard coming from Slayer; the whammy bar is used to full effect.

I do have to say that I love the artwork associated with the album. Unfortunately, the only way the album is being sold is digital and in euros (good luck, America), so, for the moment, holding the artwork in your hands without going to some lengths to print it out is seemingly impossible.

Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality of Sepolcro’s demo here. It is not often that I listen to such a new band and am as pleased as I am now with their sound. This band has good things in its future if they can keep it together, and more power to them.