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Sentenced Finest Album - 87%

Gothic_Metalhead, July 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2002, CD, Century Media Records

I always find Sentenced gothic metal albums solid. Albums like "Down," and "Frozen" were decent albums with good combination of heavy metal of a small bit of goth influences. Not to say Sentenced are not gothic metal they're one of the big Finnish gothic metal bands that's not HIM. I had trouble finding out which Sentenced album to listen to next, because I was concerned that my reaction to their discography would turn out like how I feel with Paradise Lost and Katatonia's gothic metal albums. I randomly started listening to "The Cold White Light" because I feel like I haven't heard enough Sentenced, and I haven't listened to them in a while. Upon listening to this album compared to the previous albums I have heard, "The Cold White Light" is a superior album. In this album I feel that Sentenced really did something well by having that foreign atmospheric sound that made them stand out from other Finnish metal bands. It was an album that made me want to go back to listening to Sentenced again and dig more into other albums I still have yet to hear.

Compared to their previous albums, "The Cold White Light" is more melodic. It has great gritty singing from Ville Laihala for which he is able to still attain that distinct style heard in previous albums, but made it more melodic on this album and more melodic than previous albums as well. It adds sensitive guitar melodies, great drumming, and some beautiful keyboards. Sentenced use of keyboards/piano on this album is also not overused as much, and still has some really lovely parts. Nothing seemed too sensitive on this album, its atmosphere heard on this album is really great. The music really hit me, and definitely has better music than in their previous albums.

What makes Sentenced stand out from every gothic metal band I have heard is their lyrics. Sentenced talked about suicide, but more about suicide influenced through love and it really shows in "The Cold White Light." It is something I never really noticed until recently when I looked into this album, but it is definitely unique. From Songs like "Cross My Heart and Hope to Die," "Brief is the Light," and "Excuse Me While I Kill Myself" show that depressing romantic side of Sentenced music unlike its previous releases. The lyrics are skillful though sometimes it can be a little whiny concerning what the suicidal lyrics are about. With catchy music added in with these lyrics make "The Cold White Light" great.

Sentenced has had some solid records in the past in my opinion, but "The Cold White Light" stands as their best work. The music don't feel forced or formulaic and it definitely has some passion and definitely makes Sentenced unique from a lot of their Finnish Contemporaries. Though it has been a while since I listened to a lot of Sentenced music, but this is the album I always go to whenever I want to listen to Sentenced. I say its worth checking out and a good alternative to the Peaceville three.