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Swedish fish - 84%

Thy Shrine, March 14th, 2019

It seems to me that people are into death metal for a couple main reasons. It's either the aggression of it, or it's the more atmospheric component. There's an even bigger reason in my opinion that trumps these, it's a little thing called morbidity.

It is after all called death metal, and it didn't acquire this name for no reason, it's because at it's heart, it should have a feeling of complete death wash over you. It's not accessible, it doesn't need to be technical, it doesn't even need to be aggressive, because let's face it, this album isn't really all that aggressive, it comes from a different perspective than that. It's dark, heavy, and very morbid, and that's why it's so good, it's everything death metal represents.

Now this is by no means the best death metal album ever created, but it really does sound the part, look the part, and most importantly it feels the part. People can choose to be brutal all they want, but why not sound like a thousand rotting corpses decaying in some disgusting crypt somewhere in a wooded forest in Finland.

You might think this is on par with something by Convulse or Incantation by the way I've described it, but no it's nothing like those bands. It's Basically what you would get it Dan Swano was a member of Carnage when they recorded Dark Recollections, it's Swedish dm to the bone with a slight progressive twist. Even the production is basically the same.

And speaking of production, it has that really cool thing that all metal albums should have. The material should be easy to make out, but it should still sound lively. I don't get a real sterile feeling listening to this, even if the production is a little subdued, it still sounds lively enough that I can actually enjoy what I'm listening to, instead of reading a book, or checking my watch, or playing chess, I can put this on and just enjoy it.

It's just really cool death metal that sounds delightfully unpleasant and morbid, which will always be the defining features of this genre. If you can write songs with these ingredients you'll be Death metal supreme, and that's what Sentenced were circa 1992.