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last good one from Sentenced - 94%

Inexora, June 16th, 2006

To me personally this is the last listenable Sentenced release. As some of you may know Taneli Jarva left the band shortly after this release so to me since that day Sentenced is dead.
But anyways, this MCD is just brilliant. Perfect curtain closing for Taneli Jarva's career in Sentenced. I'll review these songs one by one:

1. The Way I Wanna Go

Pretty aggressive song. Nice guitarplaying as always from Tenkula. The riffs are same kind of riffs that you hear from some hard rock bands. Nicely heavy song

2. Obsession

Probably one of the heaviest songs Sentenced has ever done. This is what the last Sentenced records should sound like.

3. Dreamlands
This is in my opinion the best Sentenced song ever. The atmosphere that this song creates is just amazing. The guitar solo is awesome. Slower start which quickly transforms into very melodic and beautiful tapping. Just incredible song. And the lyrics are pretty good too...

4. White Wedding
This one is Billy Idol cover (I bet you all knew that :) ). It's an OK piece but I would have rather wanted to hear some of their own songs instead of this one. This cover is -like I said- nice but it gives a feeling of a album filler, a song that just had to be recorded because they wanted their MCD to be just a little longer. Not a bad song, but unnecessary one...

5. Love&Death
The ending song. Very beautiful and atmospherecally sad song. Definetely one of the best songs I've ever heard from Sentenced. It's a sort of grand finale - type of song.

This album is in all of it's glory one of the best Sentenced releases ever. If you liked Amok I'm pretty sure you will love this one.
Without the Billy Idol-cover this would have been perfect MCD.
Buy this one!!!