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Buy this over the album. - 90%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 11th, 2003

Normally I would hate a single with no tracks on it that are not on the album. But I am making an exception to this single release because the album Crimson doesn't have much to offer, and what it does have to offer, is on this single.

Killing Me Killing You is a great song, it has a nice melody, emotional vocals and chorus, and cathy guitars. Dead Moon Rising is a bit more doom metal, has that depressing down feeling to it, but it works well, the vocals are catchy, a nicely done songs.

Like I said Crimson has little offer other than these two songs, so unless you are a huge doom metal fan or sentenced fan, buy this single over the album, if has all the good songs on it, except for one. But you still not missing much. If all the songs on Crimson where like this, Crimson would be a good album. This is a good single though, musically.