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Great Album, But Steer Clear of the Gold Version!! - 90%

Madman, March 2nd, 2003

How does a band like Sentenced follow a great album like "Down"? Simple, an even better album in "Frozen". Stylistically "Frozen" follows the same path as down but adds some more melody, especially in the chorus' which remind one of some good old heavy metal/hard rock.

Before actually getting into the bulk of the review I have one thing to say and that is that unless you are a HARDCORE Sentenced freak, don't buy the gold digi-pack version! Sure it contains four extra songs but they are terrible covers of "I Wanna Be Somebody", "Creep", "Digging the Grave", and "House of the Rising Sun" from well known Metal/Rock bands. Now these are all good songs in their original versions BUT unfortunately Ville Laihiala (Vocalist) doesn't have the voice for these songs plus I don't think these songs fit in with the whole Sentenced vibe...aside from "Digging the Grave" which fits the vibe but Ville is no Mike Patton. Plus the gold version of the album gives you a seriously fucked playing order, slipping two covers in after the first 3 songs and the build up with the songs that occurs in the normal version doesn't happen as the catchiest song is played first and the intro piece to build up the album comes in at track 6...WHAT THE FUCK!? When played in the proper order the album has more of an impact and some of the songs even sound better!

Getting back to the actual music on the album this is where I think Sentenced have hit their peak (and I think they're still at their peak with the releases of "Crimson" and "The Cold White Light"). This album brought the band a level higher.

Overall the album has quite a few killer tracks "The Suicider" being the catchiest. The chorus on this one hooks you in quickly and musically is probably the most upbeat on the album. "For the Love I Bear" also fits in with "The Suicider" as being a very catchy song. I love the verse on this one with the drums, the cool bass line, and the vocals fitting nicely overtop. "Grave Sweet Grave" is also another great song although the vocals in the verse sound very familiar...almost as if they were taken from a popular rock song. "Burn" is a cool upbeat instrumental with a heavy middle eastern influence. "Drown Together" and "Let Go (The Last Chapter)" are probably my two favorites on the album...I don't know what it is but I just love these two the best. "Let Go (The Last Chapter)" has a very cool guitar/drum part for the verses, very cool!

The Bottom Line: You must own this album, just not the gold version!