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Sentenced - Crimson - 78%

DarkDryad, July 6th, 2004

Sentenced, the eternal debate: are they or are they not metal? Well whatever it is, it is not bad. I would call their latest albums gothic metal, with hard rock influences. Crimson is a good album, many songs on it are solid. The first time I heard the album, I fell in love with, however, as the number of times that I listened to the album progressed, the less I liked the album. It starts off very good, but then becomes quite boring and repetitive, every song sounds quite similar. I hate saying that a band is boring, but I have lost great interest in Sentenced since the album Frozen.

This is a dark and very depressing album to listen to. Again, the lyrics are like all of their previous albums: suicide, sadness, etc. Home In Despair was the track that made me discover, and like, Sentenced. It remains one of my favourite songs on Crimson. Fragile is the best track on the album, it has a very nice chorus. Sometimes it feels it would be better for you all, if I ceased to exist or never was born at all, is a good example to demonstrate the theme of most of the songs on the record. There are not really any stand-out tracks, every song sounds the same, but sounds good.

This is a short review, but what more can I say, you have to listen to it and judge it yourself. If you enjoyed Frozen, you will definitely like this album. It receives 78/100 from me, it is a good album, but after a few hearings, becomes uninteresting.