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From a melodeath perspective - 50%

zervyx, December 19th, 2007

Many times this album has been classified as melodic death metal, and it does have some of the elements, but still this is not a typical melodic death album, first of all there’s a huge difference between “Amok” and albums of bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates. By example, the songs in this album are slow paced in comparison to the typical melodeath bands. When it comes to the guitar work “Amok” doesn’t have as much Maiden influence as other bands have, instead it has some rock elements and “folkish” parts such as acoustic guitars. The rock influence is really notorious in the song “Funeral spring”, there’s just too much guitar work with wah effect and is also one of the most boring songs of the album.

The vocals are just ok. As for melodic death metal, even the band In Flames has better growls, mainly because the singer here seems to be using just half growls and half rock singing. So, I don’t think all melodeath fans would like this album, some parts of the songs are great but in general the album sounds boring to me, even their new "suicide metal" material seems to be faster and more dynamic.

My favorite songs of the album are “New Age Messiah”, “Forever Lost” and “Phenix”; those are the songs that could make this album worth it, but unfortunately “New Age Messiah” starts boring as hell, you have to wait for one minute to get to something interesting. The lyrics are great, the chorus is quite catchy, there’s an awesome lead guitar following the vocals in a melodic way.

“Forever lost” is another good song, but again it starts with a boring one minute piece of slow guitar chords with some guy speaking. The outstanding part of the song is the guitar riff in the 4:50 minute, which is also the interlude to a great guitar solo. This song has some female singing in the chorus.

I would recommend this album to people that seeking for rock orientated melodeath.