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Amazing transition record - 92%

KK, April 13th, 2004

So this is what we get when you take the remnants of North From Here and Shadows of the Past and combine them with what would be newer Sentenced.

First off, this album isn't really Death Metal, so get that thought out of your head. If you can call it anything, call it Heavy Metal.

I love the vocals on this disc. I've always loved Finnish vocals, and these scathing growls are the perfect fit.

The guitar work is creative and quite interesting compared to the monotony of North From Here and Shadows of the Past. The death metallers might argue that this melody is shit and led to the modern scandinavian "melodic" or "gothernburg" sound, but you can't apply that to Amok. Check out the lead work on The War Ain't Over and Phenix for some good shit.

My only beef with Amok is its consistency. I can listen to Phenix, Forever Lost, Moon Magick, and The War Ain't Over at any time, but it's harder to get into the other stuff.

Keep an open mind when listening to this and you should enjoy it.