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Holy Indian cows play didgeridoo in space - 86%

kluseba, August 19th, 2011

This album is one of Senmuth's weirdest works. He mixes female Indian folk chants, acoustic guitar passages, didgeridoo jams, spacey synthesizer experiments and intense electric guitar solos into one album. Just take a look on his stunning artwork here that represents this record in a perfect way.

The problem is that this doesn't always sound coherent at all. "Samarthye" is a very rhythm orientated, modern and danceable upbeat track that is followed by the chilling acoustic guitar interlude with the beautiful title "Rain Far From My Land". The weird "Cybershamanizm" mixed indeed traditional ritual didgeridoo vibes with a progressive orientated space atmosphere. As you can easily see, this album never gets boring and is maybe the most accessible and diversified instrumental record Senmuth has ever done in his career. This album could be a great start point to discover this unique one man project.

Even though there are slightly too many random changes, there are on the other side a couple of magic moments on this record as well. The two "Travel Dub" songs invite us to a calm and inspiring voyage of the grandest kind and make us discover exotic cultures in a musical way. Those two tracks could be the perfect background music to any documentary about India, Siam or Australia and incorporates the moods of those three different regions. Senmuth was once again very inspired and creative for this record and I would class this record amongst his highlights of the year.

Don't miss the chance to check this diversified and very cultural album out. Expect the unexpected and get well entertained for at least a good forty-five minutes if you can resist playing the whole unique record once again afterwards.