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Good, solid Industrial Rock - 78%

XSpidercideX, October 31st, 2009

Only hearing a few albums I cannot say how it stacks up against the rest of Senmuth's entire catalogue, but I can say this is a pretty damn good album overall. The sound of No More Sense is pretty heavy on electro synthesizers, and though I've heard it called metal before, it can mostly be described as industrial rock. The songs are mostly mid paced, nothing too fast or heavy. While there are electric guitars throughout the album, they are mostly just another tool among many and not a main focus.

The sound of this album is very bass heavy, and when mixed with the higher pitched synths, gives a very rich, futuristic tech sound which is really cool. Some of the tracks have a bit of a dance vibe. Some of the vocals are synthesized and pitch shifted in places which is pretty cool as well. I like the sound and feel this album gives off a lot, so it has gotten a lot of play time for me.

Overall though, the vocals are nothing to write home about, though I don't mind them much, and they work in a lot of places, but sometimes they don't. Many may be turned off by this style of singing as it can come across as nasally and whiny. If Senmuth would go for a change up in vocal styles or get some guest vocalists, this album could be knocked up 5-10 points.

Having Lost One's Last Light is one of the slower paced songs, but very effective, one of the best tracks. The keys hit high pitched notes which echo through a vast valley of sound, and a slight middle eastern desert flare is given by the other instruments. Also, Senmuths vocals fit well with this song, giving it a lot of soul.

Myths and Dreams is a particularly standout as it has a creative bassy synth groove going throughout the song which gets my foot tapping every time. It transitions smoothly into the next track which brings in the heavy guitars. I thought for a while these two songs were one song at first because they flow so well together.

Track 7 seems nothing special at first, mostly a filler song focusing on quotes from the SAW movies, which seems kind of out of place on an album with no other English singing or quotes on it. The background music has grown on me though, so the song has some value to it.

The No More Sense remix tracks range from dancy to rockish, and are all pretty good.

A worthwhile album, with each song having some value and a few standouts. Recommended.