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Hello Dispatch, Send More Paramedics Please... - 87%

Wrath_of_Conan, March 2nd, 2005

Oh yes. This is the album that you, me, and every zombie in the world has been waiting for. This is essentially a throwback to crossover days, but is mainly a thrash album with a little bit of the Misfits and the odd metalcore riff thrown in for good measure. With a name taken from a throw away line from the movie Return of the Living Dead (don't act like you haven't seen it at least once) and some seriously campy imagery, you know that this band will in fact be the shit.

Wisely, SMP kick things off with "The Hordes", whihc so happens to be the BEST FUCKING SONG ON THE ALBUM. Riffs? Who's got riffs? These guys sure as fucking hell do, and they use them in abundance. These aren't you're typical Exodus rip off riffs, these are slighty off kilter assessments of the best elements of thrash put into a more modern context: brilliant. This band definatly understands the finer points of dynamics, because this song is ripping your face off at one moment and then slowing things down for a earth-crushing sing along chorus the next. WHEN THERE'S NO MORE ROOM IN HELL!!! THE DEAD WILL WALK THE EARTH!!! YES!!!! Nice variation in the drums too, instead of the average one-two-one-two-one-two bass snare combo that dominates much thrash this guy is all over his kit, using a nice crash/snare breakdown to drive the chorus and a simple highhat pattern in the prechorus that gives the song some great contrast.

The next song, "The Pain of Being Dead" is taken from (surprise surprise) another line from Return of the Living Dead, and is a fast DRI style ripper. The 80's hardcore influence is huge, and might put off some thrashers, but for a fan of 80's hardcore this works just fine. "Cannibal" is another monstrous thrasher, which features some cool gory lyrics and a nice little break after the chorus: "If music be the sound of death, play on". Nice to have everything drop out for a bit before plunging headfirst back into the Wide World of Thrash, helps to make the song stand out a little more.

DRI? Did someone say DRI? Yes, Send More Paramedics suffer the same problem the DRI and Nuclear Assault had by putting pointless 11 second peices of filler on their albums. That filler is known as "Brains". BRAAAAAINS!!!! BRAAAAAAINS!!! BRAAAAAAAAINS!!! OK, we fucking get it. Nice sample to introduce the track, but a total waste of space. Skip.

"Ressurection Cemetary" and "Kingdom of the Undead" follow the same basic Send More Paramedics formula (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), with full-speed ahead verses morphing into slower scream-a-long chorus. Fortunatly these songs can survive on the strength of their riffs alone, which is a good thing. Do you get the feeling that this band would be incredible live? I do.

"Epulum" is a bit confusing. It's a keyboard based instrumental similar to the theme of The Omen, which might have worked nicely as an intro or maybe even an outro to the album, but placing it in the middle makes zero sense. SMP, you lose points for this error! "Necromancer", no surprise, is another speedy cut; I get the feeling these guys only know two speeds, racehorse fast, and planet smashing breakdown slow. Oh well, totally fucking enjoyable, cool lyrics to boot.

"The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" is basically the theme to Return of the Living Dead, and it smokes. Stupid placement though, this should be the outro on the album. More points lost. Good song, but improper placement.

"Zombie Sweetheart" and "Zombified" are pretty similar sounding, although there is a bigger punk influence on "Zombie Sweetheart". This brings us to the one drawback to this album, which "Zombie Sweetheart" makes pretty clear; the vocals. B'Hellmouths jabbering hardcore punk style vocals might sit well with some, but render the lyrics mostly inaudible (unless he is screaming them in a trademark bludgeoning SMP chorus, in which case they are fine). Oh well, if bands like Dark Angel and Nuclear Assault got by incomprehensible singers, Send More Paramedics can get away with it.

Oh, and forget "Aim For the Head". Another cool sample merges with total filler.

Stripped down, this album is 8 raging thrashers, two misplaced intros/outros and 2 peices of DRI style filler. Worth getting? To any fans of DRI, the Misfits and thrash, that is a stupid question. Of course it's worth getting, whaddya waiting for?