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Selbstmord - Spectre Of Hate - 95%

Velimor, April 20th, 2008

Here we have another polish horde, Selbstmord. On Spectre Of Hate, they play extremely brutal black metal, uncompromising, and raw, while keeping a certain sense of melody to the whole affair.

Album start with the intro "A Profusion Of Dust", which is an ambiant track, very creepy and sets off the mood for the pure carnage to come. After that song, things are getting serious and all the hatred of Necro can be feel through his vocals. The drumming is more about blast beats than anything else but it's quit appropriate here.

The guitars, well, they are buzz sawing, razor sharp sounding, they cut through your flesh. Everything about this album is great. The production is very excellent for this kind of underground release, and well, it has been mixed by Rob Darken of Graveland, so everything sounds good.

Selbstmord are another so called NSBM band, be aware of that. But besides one line or two in the booklet, there's nothing else in the lyrics to associate them with national-socialist beliefs.

The line up consist of Raborym which is also in Dark Fury, an openly NSBM band, and Necro, whose main band is Ohtar, mostly known in the nsbm milieu for their first album "The Empire Of White Power". Take this for what it's worth.

This album should be in any black metal collection, even if you're against NSBM, it's a very very solid piece of black metal, more nihilistic than anything else. Give it a try.

95% as perfection doesn't exist.