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Seeds of Iblis - 70%

Zerberus, January 11th, 2013

The Iraqi black metal band Seeds of Iblis is one of very few bands around the world who dares criticize Islam in their lyrics. Considering how much shit many NSBM bands got, and in the light of the controversy surrounding Taake's lyric about "killing the Mohammedans" and the Muhammad-case from Denmark's Jyllands-Posten newspaper I find it quite remarkable that a band such as Seeds of Iblis are dealing with that very subject in their lyrics.

Black metal has always been about Satan and other personifications of evil, but black metal has almost exclusively dealt with Christianity and only rarely in the case of some NSBM bands have they made an exception and dealt with Judaism or Islam. I guess a band like Seeds of Iblis can get around much of the controversy because they are FROM an Islamic country and was likely raised with it as their religion.

Seeds of Iblis isn't just an anti-Islamic band. Well, actually they are. With highly blasphemic song titles like Inverted Hilal, No Islam and especially Sex with Muhammad's Corpse they really aren't about anything else. But in regards to their music, the quintet offers some incredibly gritty black metal with surprisingly precise drumming. Among the more interesting tracks are In the Name of Iblis, which features near-constant blast beats, drowned-out guitars and most of all a vocal-track that alternates between roaring black metal vocals and what I assume is some sort of muslim prayer. It works surprisingly well in the same manner as depressive and atmospheric black metal with the grim soundscapes and atmospheres.

I would be lying if I said Seeds of Iblis would interest me if it wasn't for their theme. Well, one thing is their choice of theme, another thing is that two of the four band members are FEMALE! Women aren't exactly the predominant sex in metal as it is, but I don't think I can recall a single black metal band with even one female member.

Seeds of Iblis, while their main strong points are the fact that they deal with unusual subjects in their lyrics, also delivers in terms of black metal. They may not have outstanding riffs like Satyricon or Darkthrone, they may not have the artillery-like drums of Marduk and 1349, they may not have the characteristic vocals of Legion, Varg Vikernes or Gaahl, but with what little they have they make it work as minimalistic black metal tunes enjoyable to fans of depressive black metal.

They Just Might be the Next Big Thing - 85%

Schillachi666, March 7th, 2012

Seeds of Iblis, the black metal band from Iraq, desecrates Islam and it already sounds interesting. This two man/two woman (you heard it right) band with Anahita (Janaza) on vocals could well be the beginning of the next wave that many of us have been waiting for.

Jihad Against Islam is pure blasphemous black metal. In particular, the track "No Islam" is just raw and an outstanding piece of work. Every song is unique and has a grim feel to it. With folk ingredients added, it sounds even better (maybe a bit too much). The best thing about the album, though, are the vocals of Anahita. With high-pitched shrieks and harsh vocals you can almost connect to the hatred of the band towards Islam. Just the brutal strength and aggression in the music makes you alive. The heavy riffs and sudden blastbeats give it a very dark and ambient atmosphere. The ep almost reminds you of early Marduk and Darkthrone.

The only thing that I disliked is the over-usage of background chants (which is alright, but is consistent throughout the album and thus becomes a bit repetitive). Yet overall it's a damn good album and anyone who likes exploring different forms of bands and black metal is surely going to enjoy it. Already looking forward to their next release.

Sex with Muhammad's Corpse - 100%

nukemecca, March 7th, 2012

In order to appreciate and respect extreme metal, you must be willing to entertain controversial ideas. The members of SEEDS OF IBLIS are the epitome of that along with risking their lives in the name of black metal. If you think your band is truly blasphemous and fearless just because you write anti- christian songs while living in a democratic western nation, think again.

SEEDS OF IBLIS hail from Iraq, play black metal and don't like the Islamic religion. Besides their religious criticism on songs like "Sex with Muhammad's Corpse", "No Islam", or "Inverted Hilal" (the crescent symbol of Islam), the band, made up of two men and two women, sing the praises of Iblis aka the devil, as in "In the Name of Iblis". To say this band's self-described true Iraqi, anti-Islamic black metal take on the genre is unique would also be an understatement, given that musically they have influences reaching far from home like Burzum and Bathory.

The band's overall style is a mixture of thrashy second wave-era and atmospheric, trance-like melodies. The vocals are actually the best part, coming at you with either harsh venomous screams by bassist/vocalist Anahita or the backing chants and moans from the other band members. "Sex with Muhammad's Corpse" is an incredibly epic cut taking a page out of Under the Sign of the Black Mark, whereas "No Islam" is haunting as if being performed in the graveyard of religions. I really hope to hear more from this band and not just because of their music or the subject matter they target. I like them because their mere existence is a perfect example of standing up to government and religious institutionalized tyranny, and that's a lot more courageous that some progressive transcendental crap.

Seeds Of Iblis - Jihad Against Islam - 70%

ConorFynes, March 6th, 2012

Black metal may be a style of music that's best known for its anti-Christian sentiment, but as the past decade has proven, part of metal's magic is that it can be transposed effectively into any culture. However, the last place I would have thought a black metal band would be coming from -particularly an anti-religious one- is Iraq. The past decade has shown Iraq to be a troubled nation with a history of oppression, often with the tyrants citing Islam as their raison d'etre. Newcomers Seeds of Iblis certain have reason for their vocal opposition of the religion. On top of having a fresh change from the typical anti-Christian ritual we're used to hearing outside of black metal, 'Jihad Against Islam' is an EP borne against all odds, it seems. Not to mention that half the members of this band are female- something that isn't even well-accepted in any black metal scene- Seeds Of Iblis do not suffer any lack of balls or 'fuck you' attitude, and it translates well into their music. The result of their expression is raw, aggressive, atmospheric, and graced with a touch of Middle-Eastern music. In short, a promising EP.

Like many metalheads, the first I ever heard of the Iraqi metal scene was the traditional metal act Acrassicauda and their film 'Heavy Metal In Baghdad'. In that film, it was clear that they were fighting against large odds; the Hussein regime was certainly not one to embrace thick riffs and heavy drumming, and it was even mentioned there that the only way they would be able to remain a band was to have part of their material praising their now-deposed leader. With that at the back of my mind, Seeds Of Iblis is all the more intriguing of an act, and for what it's worth, Seeds Of Iblis are hopefully planting the seeds for a greater Iraqi black metal scene to come in the future. The music here may be best described as atmospheric black metal, although there is the rich aggression and revved up energy of Venom and early Bathory at work. 'Jihad Against Islam' is a raw work, but it does not sound amateurish. The band's take at the aging black metal sound is powerful, although one may be disappointed by how fundamentally similar it is to Western black metal. Although there are some interesting samples of Middle-Eastern music and vocalizations, they are never well-integrated into the songwriting. Regardless, Seeds Of Iblis get the black metal sound right on their first try. They balance the atmospheric and aggressive quite well, and although there are moments where one side may be more dominant than the other, the EP as a whole feels like a strong middle-ground. At only sixteen minutes, 'Jihad Against Islam' does leave the listener wanting more, and while the music that Seeds Of Iblis has presented us with does not revolutionize black metal, it is very promising. Suffice to say, the band has more going for them than simply being 'that black metal band from Iraq', and as such, I await the release of their full-length, which is sure to be even more impressive.

Auditory Crescent Inversion - 80%

Nihilistic Rust, March 2nd, 2012

Seeds of Iblis is what some may call a "true black metal" band for its themes and lyrics. Propagating the abrogation and destruction of Islam in a country known for its extreme Islamic stance is much more anti-religious and gallant than some guys in a country with freedom of speech complaining about Christianity (not that it's a bad thing). While I can see why some may think this is a hoax to generate publicity and then veil shitty music under the shroud of kvltness, this music isn't shitty. It's far from it, really.

With short and intensive songs, the EP doesn't get boring like many other releases that just drag on. Simple black/thrash riffs and melodies inspired by the genres' fathers such as Mayhem, Venom, Bathory, or Sodom, dynamic and variable drumming, a forlorn bass trudging along the guitars, and a general atmosphere of a dark cellar created by the keys and the echoing vocals create a brooding feeling, enhanced by multiple samples of somber chanting. The overall musicianship on this album creates a facade blurry rawness, but when examined and explored, it divulges some excellent songwriting with influences you can't go wrong with.

All in all, Seeds of Iblis released a great EP, and an omen of things to come. If you like raw, primitive, yet atmospheric anti-religious goodness, you should definitely give this release a shot. If you can somehow buy it, then do so, because it's worth it.

Seeds Of Iblis/Jihad Against Islam/Legion Of Death - 82%

LokiEvil, February 25th, 2012

Seeds Of Iblis are a band from Iraq that plays a very raw and primitive form of anti Islamic black metal and this is a review of their 2011 ep "Jihad Against Islam" which was released by Legion Of Death Records.

Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with some blast blast beats being thrown in at times, while the bass playing has a very dark tone with riffs that follow the riffing that is coming out of the guitars, as for the synths which are only utilized briefly on one song they are only used as a sound effect to enhance the darkness of the music.

Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast black metal riffs that are very raw and primitive sounding as for the lead guitars which are only utilized on the least song that are very raw and primitive sounding black metal guitar leads.

Vocals are mostly high pitched black metal screams with a small amount of chanting and clean singing being used briefly as well as a brief spoken word part, while the lyrics cover anti Islam/Muslim and Arabic Left Hand Path themes, as for the production it has a very dark, raw and primitive sound to it.

In my opinion Seeds Of Iblis are a very great sounding raw and primitive Anti Islamic black metal band and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "No Islam" and "In The Name Of Iblis". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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Atmospheric Iraqi black metal with female vocals - 75%

kluseba, November 1st, 2011

Seeds Of Iblis play a very interesting kind of raw underground black metal with harsh but also very atmospheric vocals and some dark spiritual chants. The four songs on their most important release to date are all quite short, intense and surprisingly catchy. They are much more melodic and elaborated as one might think and have quite a weird and unique tone. With a better sound quality and a little bit more variation within the mediocre guitar riffs, the band could get quite far as the vocals and especially the overall atmosphere are already quite outstanding. The riffs are simple thrash or black metal riffs inspired by occidental bands such as Venom or Mayhem.

The special thing about the band is that it comes from Iraq first of all and that there are not only two men but also two women in this band which is a revolutionary thing for the metal scene of the whole Middle East area. The lyrics have a mythological touch and criticize the Islam by praising Iblis, the devil, and his jinns. The female vocals by Anahita doesn't sound as such and could be performed by any male scene singer. The mixture of energy and mystery in her vocals is quite addicting. The guitar riffs of the other woman called Epona and a certain Yousef from Saudi Arabia are straight and doomed at the same time and sound quite raw and blurry. The drum play by Younes could vary a little bit more but he shows some glimpses of skill within the four tracks.

If you have the chance to get your hands on a copy of this exotic and intense band, be sure to not miss the occasion. Seeds Of Iblis should please to any fan of atmospheric and mysterious black metal and has the bonus to come from a young, emerging and exotic new metal scene. All tracks are quite equally good and very solid tracks without many ups and downs. I would maybe mark "No Islam" as most atmospheric and diversified track if you want to try their music out before actually buying one of the rare copies.