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Long-Forgotten Gem - 80%

DeathRiderDoom, March 25th, 2010

Seduce formed in Detroit in the early part of the 1980’s playing initially a style of music quite ballsy, heavy, and pretty confrontational (Sword, Armored Saint, Axtion spring to mind, before somewhat altering their style in a more commercial capacity for their later career. This band is a completely forgotten act that should be held in higher regard by both USPM fans, and the more mainstream-inclined London type fans. This debut effort should have garnered more sales and success for the band, and while the big time seemed to loom for a time (the band appearing on Decline of Western Civilisation II, along with other up and comers Odin, Vyper and bigger acts like Lizzy Borden), things just didn’t quite pan out for Seduce, and their legacy is a couple of decent full lengths.

The band certainly seem young and hungry on this album – tempos are fast, drums are heavy and driving, riffs are heavy, and themes are energetic, and full of youthful exhuberance. ‘Headbangers’ is a case in point. The band has a more metallic sound than the LA sound they would later come to absorb somewhat in their next offering. Before prolonged exposure to the sunset strip bands and the like, Seduce seemed determine to slay with what can be described as legitimate full-bore heavy metal – again Sword and Armored Saint spring to mind – even the vocal tone and raucous backup chants in this one remind me of Bush from ’Saint. There’s plenty of aggression and pace throughout the offering – not just a handful of songs. ‘Viper’s Bite’ has an aggressive yet glam tinged appeal, sounding somewhat like London or very early ’Crue, with a catchy, melodic, yet ballsy sound.

A very strong, consistent, aggressive and exciting album from these Detroit lads here. With a drive for success, the band wasn’t willing to depart with their balls for the sake of a commercially acceptable album. This thing has metal written all over it, and is executed very well. Vocal performances by Johnny Roxx are on form, at times even tough, while some saucy licks and leads pepper this predominantly fast-paced record. Snarling attitude is rife, with ‘Love to Hate’ sounding like a ballsier, younger Motley Crue. Talent isn’t lacking, and the band manages to produce a debut that avoids sounding unrefined, or being inconsistent as well as not deserving to be so utterly forgotten in metal circles. If you enjoy bands like Vyper, Armored Saint, Hellion, Armed Force, The Rods, Lizzy Borden, Sword, you should enjoy this cool little offering by Seduce.