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A new direction? - 20%

Fenriswolf, July 31st, 2018

Secrets Of The Moon is a band with a relative changeable style, but always in the context of black metal so far. Especially, I absolutely prefer their first and last releases, while the releases from the mid-era (including “Stigmata”, “Exhibitions” and “Antithesis”) are not that interesting because of the dry, sober and highly polished sound. However, I’ve always looked forward for new releases and bought them without listening to any samples previously. I did so again for “Sun”, as the artwork suggested something like “Privilegivm” or “Seven Bells”. But the music was not that what I’ve expected.

On “Sun”, there can still be found some black metal elements such as blastbeats and tremolo picking on certain parts. The riffing can be described as (more or less) typically for SOTM as well, but not as much intense as on the previous releases. The guitars definitely lack grip. I mean to say that the melodies are simply trivial. And that’s really a pity. Furthermore, “Sun” has actually nothing to do with a black metal recording. The harsh screams are gone and were replaced by clean vocals, which isn’t necessarily bad for sure. My main point of criticism is the whole atmosphere. It has a sort of a distant dark and negative feeling, but in a style that can be described as post rock or depressive rock. The feelings conveyed on this recording are sometimes even euphoric, especially caused by the swingy drumming and the already mentioned trivial riffing.

Maybe someone has already anticipated this “new” direction, because of the song “Shepherd” (the last song on “Privilegivm”, released six years before “Sun”) that is a sort of depressive rock song, too. However, “Sun” is definitely not an appropriate successor of this early “preview”. Anyway, there is nothing to say against the band’s decision to change the style so drastically, but why frontman sG can’t work off his (depressive or post) rock preferences with its solo project Crown only, while SOTM is maybe breaking out in another direction to be able to differentiate between both bands?