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A must-have - 88%

NH, March 1st, 2008

This is the third tape of this band from Osnabrück, Germany. And it's amazing, it's a real great demo (as it belongs definitely to the three best demos that I have). Secrets Of The Moon play what they consider typical German Black Metal in a very rough and aggressive but melodic way, which reminds me sometimes of Nordic Black Metal with a very own style. And what is really also impressive is the very good production, it seems to me better than some CD's that I have. I still listen often to this tape as I really got caught by it. Great guitar riffs with an always forward pushing drummer and an intense vocalist. The band's lyrics deal with an astronomical and occult satanic philosophy mixed with personal experiences, but don't expect this stupid childish kindergarten-satanism you are so often bored by. I don't know whether the tape is still available (it was limited to 100(!!!) copies), but you should watch out for the split-EP with Lunar Aurora which will be released by Voices Productions early this year, and which will include a track from the same recording-session. I expect it also to be very good, as six out of seven songs (if 'Fanatica' hasn't been, I would have given even more points...) on this tape are better than the average BM-CD you buy in your nearest store, believe me...

Favourite Tracks: Through Golden Spheres, Leichengott

(Originally published in The Purgatory Of Grief 1999-2001 (RIP))