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A collector's item for the fanatic... - 90%

Kristenhat666, November 29th, 2007

I am fanatic about ARMAGEDDA. It should therefore not surprise anyone that I even bought this 7" compilation, entitled "BLACK METAL ENDSIEG III", which includes a song which the band included on their "Only True Believers" album anyway. Three more bands have also made a contribution here, and the main question I intend to answer is: should one attempt to get their hands on this limited release?

Well, that would depend. Are you interested in straightforward Black Metal played by bands that are not mainstream? If the answer is yes, then keep on reading. In case of a negative answer, the rest of this review will not be meant for you.

Side 1 witnesses German band SECRETS OF THE MOON in an effort bearing the title "Leichengott". Any person who has heard the band's music knows what to expect. It's an old re-recorded track that might appeal to many a listener out there, although it's not exactly my cup of...well, blood! Next up, ARMAGEDDA play a real headbanger song, structured and riffed in pure Swedish style and aptly called "Emperor From The Eternal Dark". If you already own "Only True Believers" and are not a collector, there's nothing for you to gain from having this song. If, on the other hand, you are someone looking to widen your ownership of ARMAGEDDA releases, let me say that vinyl sounds so much better than digital crap when it comes to the style played by this band!

Moving on to side B, it starts off with Czech band DARK STORM, a band not many have heard of outside the Underground, but which is familiar to all Czechs or Slovaks involved in the scene. Anyhow, it is no loss in my opinion if one misses out on this track, for this is rather average in quality and even a title like "Mighty Horns Of Baphomet" does not change anything about it, even if it may cheat some people into thinking the band has got something worthwhile to offer. The final track is sacrificed upon the Black Metal altar by BAEL, a French band. France has become quite a fortress for outstanding Black Metal, and I know for a fact that this band has many followers. I believe "La Marque Noire" is a track they did not release anywhere else. I personally do not appreciate the sound and production here, but this is my problem I suppose. Fans of the band will probably find the track somewhat short. At under 3 minutes, it gives you a good idea of the qualities offered by French bands today.

So, are you tempted by the 3 rare tracks on this 7"? Or are you an ARMAGEDDA fanatic like me? If either of these applies to you, then you know where your money should go next, if of course you are able to find someone selling this "out of print" 7"!