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A definite change from Skid Row - 75%

barrage, March 11th, 2009

Sebastian Bach’s solo project didn’t come to my attention until early 2008. Of course, Bach was well known for his vox work with Skid Row, but 1997 saw him leave the band and embark on his solo project, which was to be called Sebastian Bach. Skid Row made it big with some legendary songs like "18 & Life,” “Slave To The Grind” and "Youth Gone Wild," so for Mr. Bach to make an impact on his solo project, it would require a great deal of work.

First up, the line-up;
Metal Mike Chlasciak of Painmuseum fame on guitars – well known shredder and a regular celebrity on fuze TV. Johnny "Chromatic" Lenaerts is the second guitarist and the bassist on this album is the devastating Steve Di Giorgio. Completing this impressive line-up is Bobby Jarzombek (drums), the brother of guitar wizard Ron Jarzombek. The line-up has a blend of experience, skill and immense technicality, courtesy Bobby. Absurd it may seem, but Bobby is in fact playing in a non-technical band for a change, but all in all the line-up is formidable and expectations would obviously be high.

The name Sebastian Bach doesn’t really need an introduction, when it comes to his vocals. A powerful voice, a strong blend of power, pitch and depth, Sebastian has the ability to pull off anything thrown at him and he doesn’t disappoint. His harsh, gut-wrenching screams and ability to scream for what seems like minutes is unbelievable and unreal. Listeners will be treated to some dominant vocals on songs like “Angel Down,” “Live and Die” and “American Metalhead,” and a decent effort on some other songs. The ballads, “By Your Side,” “You Bring Me Down,” and “Falling Into You” are terrible tracks here, mainly because they suit Bach but not the other musicians. Imagine people of Metal Mike’s, Steve Di Giorgio’s and Mr. Jarzombek’s caliber playing to some ballads when all theses guys are known for is belting out technical, heavy and balls-to-the-wall stuff. These tracks are a letdown but then no band has come out with a flawless album to date.

The bass work is insane, brutal and innovative, thanks to Mr. Di Giorgio. The first track, “Angel Down” has the most innovative bit of guitar and bass work over the solo section. Steve plays overdriven, wah bass while Metal Mike shreds out a blistering solo and it’s a strange, but brilliant change from the regular solos played with backing guitars or a standard bassline. The guitar, drums and bass compliment each other well and from the songwriting department, it’s not at all quiet on the western front. Heavy, explosive guitar work and some mean basslines by Steve make for an electrifying album and it certainly is a must have.

Highs: Sebastian Bach’s powerful voice, the bass work, the guitars, the drums, Angel Down, Live and Die, Take You Down With Me and American Metalhead.

Lows: The ballads and the inclusion of Axl Rose on Love Is A Bitchslap and Stuck Inside.