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Demo\04 - 95%

Grimlorn, January 3rd, 2005

Amazing is the best word to describe Season of Sorrow's demo. You probably havent heard a band quite like this. Mixing elements of power/progressive metal , black metal , and classical music , makes for a very interesting listen.

Across Bleeding Seas : Starts off with an extremely catchy guitar line , along with some chunky basslines provided by Julian. The one thing that stands out on every track from this demo is Adrians vocals. He shifts effortlessly from blood-curdling black metal roars to majestic classical vocals.

Forsaken Prophecies : Best song from the demo , with out a doubt. Once again , extremly catchy guitar line mixed in with chunky basslines and Adrians signature screams .

Penance In Black : This song starts out with probably the most black metal sounding riff from the cd. Evans drumign really stands out on this track , coupled with in intricate fills , and galloping double kick.

All in all this was an excellent cd and defiantely worth buying. go to for mp3 clips and bios.