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Sear: Classic Finnish Black Metal - 95%

To_The_Ruin_Of_All, September 18th, 2007


Lamentations Of Destruction

"Dynamic Arts Records"

As far as introductions go, Finland Death/Black Metal outfit Sear know how to make an entrance. No build up or winding progressive path, just fury and speed awaits the hapless listener here. "Pedon Kasky" is sung in the bands native tongue and is without a doubt one of the most vicious starts to an album you'll hear for many a month. Sear have moulded their sound elegantly and focus on incredibly timed pace shifts, utilising both guitarists vast talents as well as their drummers blatantly high ability to set the tempo.

Death & Black Metal combinations are being tried more frequently these days with mixed success, but Sear are truly a master of the art form as "Heaven Ablaze" clearly demonstrates. Riffs played with precision integrate apocalyptically with a solid back bone of bass and double kick drumming. Vocally superb, coming off both accessible yet raw and venomous.

"One Throne" is a mystic piece speaking of past battles and the quest for glory, of a land shrouded in the depths of hell, whilst "Fire & Death" is much more of a bombardment of death metal principles, visions and connotations with the chorus consisting of the words "Fire" & "Death" being growled poisonously over and over.

With a certain feeling of anticipation about it, "Purgatory" shows the bands capacity to build tension before unleashing an explosion of pure metal fury upon your senses. This is my song of the album despite only being a minute and a half long. "Destination" continues the trend though with harsh riffs brilliantly worked so that this too turns out into an amazing track.

Dark, sinister and deeply evil in mood, "Violations Of The Soul" lives up to its name intently. Sear once again adopting the amazing pace changes which they excel at to make a deep and mournful song. Not only that but Violations also shows the softer side of Sear, and although still deeply black and dark it does contrast brilliantly with their usual fast and furious pace.

"The Burning" is just pure excellence and again ranks highly on the list of top songs of the album. Trust me its hard to differentiate when you have this many quality tracks. "The Burning" is unadulterated fury and axe wielding anger. Quite thrash in places, this is one song most metal heads will definitely sink their teeth into!!

If your looking for old school Black Metal, "Hate & Scorn, Crowned With Horns" is going to be right up your street. Speaking of blood, eternal pain and carnage, this track is down right malicious. As a finale "Weeping Flesh" brings the album back down to earth with a sombre affair describing agony and fear! Mixed with fast and hard hitting Black Metal, this is a great end to a superb album. Well worth a listen to anyone who relishes the thought of their audio senses being bashed about unabated by a band who sounds so evil they could give skeletor the creeps. 9/10