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Blistering Death - 90%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

On "Begin The Celebrations Of Sin," Sear delivers an impious, hateful attack of bludgeoning occult death metal. The razor-edged sounds of “Begin The Celebrations Of Sin” were captured Dauntless Studios of Helsinki and it is safe to say that the production of the record on the whole fully captures the band’s sonic warfare perfectly. Opening with the sufficiently venomous cut, “Lobotomy With A Crucifix”, Sear undertake a venture in sonic annihilation at it’s best. Sharp, chaotic guitars meet darkened guttural vocals upon a battlefield of blasting, grinding rhythms with the end result being one of the most intently brutal bashings you’ve had in quite some time.

Although the thematic substance of the record lends itself to occult themes, not a great deal of black metal sounds are to be found here. “Bless The Child”, however betrays these types of influences and the group merge the aura with a flurry of vicious death, making for a particularly torturous affair, indeed.

From the slashing standout “Mankind’s Last Breath” to all-out hyper-speed disturbances such as “Scythe Of Blasphemy (Kiss The Goat)” and “Vade Retro Deus”, Sear convey exactly the type of evil sonic bombardment that fans are looking for. Those looking for the new breed in ultra-ferocious death metal will find exactly that with this superb effort.