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WOW! - 100%

Red_Beard, September 17th, 2008

Talk about bombastic extreme metal!

Scythian's debut demo is a pulverizing tour de force that combines the brutality of European & old American styled death metal, with morose doom passages and a heavy 80's thrash aesthetic- imagine a combo of Sodom, Morbid Angel, Nocturnus and Bathory and you get the idea of exactly what to expect out of this fucking iron-balls recording.

"Suffering to the conquered" opens with the eerie and somewhat ethereal "Astral Assassins" before picking up rapidly with "Shattered Idols" and then the very Bathory esque "Pray to war". Next up comes "Spires to ashes" which echoes German modern Black-thrash stalwarts Desaster. The title track follows, showing off Scythian's more than competent handle on ancient Teutonic thrash metal coupled with just the right hint of Bathory's "Blood, fire, death" era. Appropriately enough, Scythian closes this devastating release with a quality rendition of Bathory's "Holocaust"- one of the few Bathory covers actually done right.

Scythian have emerged strangely enough from England- a location with little to nothing to show for the heavier side of this genre. But who cares about where this band comes from, right? "Suffering to the conquered" blows away just about anything coming out these days so smugly labeled "brutal death metal", and it is -more- than an adequate representation of the very best of what keystone death & thrash bands have to offer us.

A rock solid production, strong vocals and unique combination of brutal & epic influences makes this a highly memorable and worthwhile investment. Now signed to Galactic Records, Scythian should have new material coming along in the near future. Until then, absolutely do NOT hesitate to contact the band for a copy of this release.

-Review by Wilhelm

Crack on the whips of oppression! - 100%

YggdrasilinBlight, August 10th, 2008

London's black/thrash metal clan Scythian, assaults listeners with their demo "Suffering to the Conquered". The band is actually more attuned to a black/death metal mixture with some thrash to be found in the spirit of the guitar work.

The psychedelic beginning of "Astral Assassins," is made even more mind-warping as the music that follows does not really tie in with it in any way whatsoever, though it's still a supreme song. The music is a take no prisoners march in the skies amongst lightning shooting thunderclouds. "Shattered Idols," has an impressive beat and "Pray to War..." is reminiscent of a "Thelema.6" era Behemoth and is my personal favorite, with the vocal variations and overall death metal experimentation. The title song "Suffering to the Conquered," is bombastic and full of rage. "Spires to Ashes," sounds unique when compared to the rest of the album. Drummer J.C. Volgard also sounds the best on this track.

The Scythian warriors seem like the perfect band to cover Bathory as its influence on the band can be easily detected through their music. They are an army of warriors using metal to slay their enemies. The spirit of Quorthon must have been conjured and these guys must have received the metal gods' blessing on their cover of "Holocaust," because I was blown away by its majesty. It pays homage to Bathory in all the respect that the black metal masters of Bathory, deserve.

"Suffering to the Conquered" is not just good for a self-released demo, it's good period. This is music that goes all out. Its impassioned might will drain you, but you'll surely be begging for more. So, grab the demo and anticipate the full-length, debut release through Galactic Records. Get ready to crack on the whips of oppression!