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This wind needs a change... - 60%

The_CrY, March 11th, 2010

“Wind of Change” is still the biggest hit to date by the Scorpions and it’s a bit of a symbol of the downfall of the Iron Curtain and the Soviet regime. Therefore this song is close to the hearts of many Russians and the Scorpions decided to translate the song in Russian so they could understand the song too. Quite understandable, isn’t it? Furthermore this single contains the normal English single edit and a Spanish version. Why the hell they would translate this song to Spanish is beyond me. I guess a totally new song would’ve done better.

So actually, we have three times the same song on here but in different languages. It starts with the familiar whistle and then the clean rhythm guitars join in. Klaus Meine starts to sing and Matthias Jabs gives us some great fills and eventually a great guitar solo. The chorus is still one of the best to date, being catchy in every language. What more explanation does this song need? The weird part of this single is the inclusion of three times this song. The Russian and English versions are single edits, while the Spanish version is the album version (with a different language of course). Sure, the song is great, but after hearing it three times in a row we don’t need any more of the same. We need some change here. Why not include a rocker from the album of that time, Crazy World? Just a little variation is all we need.

In the end, I think this single is more of a collectors item than something you’d want to give a spin over and over again. If you are Russian or Spanish I could understand you’d want your own version, but if you are not then this is not worth a lot of money. I would recommend this to collectors only.