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Killing virgins - 75%

MetalReaper, August 27th, 2004

Scorpions's fourth album was actually the first release to define their sound with distorted killer riffs and screaming solos. While the earlier three records were more experimental, this is more heavier and straightforward. There's still some experimental elements left. Album contains even couple of power-ballads. Album has at least two different covers. Censored version has a naked girl with broken glass covering "it", while the other has a band posing on it. Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker have written half of the album's material, lead guitarist Ulrich Roth another half. And one with Meine/Schenker/Roth line-up.

Album's first highlight comes immediately. Starting track "Pictured life" is a fast and memorable song and a definitive Scorpions classic. The next song "Catch your train" is also fast and cathcy. Third song is under name of "In your park" (wonder what that is) is, not surprisingly, first ballad of the record. However, it isn't too sentimental with some guitar solos in it. "Backstage queen" is not a ballad, loyal to it's name. It's following the same path like the first two songs. Second highlight of the album is Roth-written title track "Virgin killer". It's rude and rockin', but still different compared to previous songs. A truly killer track alongside "Pictured Life".

After "Virgin killer's" raunchy guitar attack, the album changes course to more experimental waters. "Hell-cat" is not only Roth-written, but also Roth-sung! Roth's voice isn't pretty good, it's weak and thin, but he manages to do the job. Song is far more progressive than any of the first five songs. Riff is pretty odd, but not bad at all. Next song is "Crying days", which is of course a power-ballad. When Meine gets quiet, we get more Roth on vocals. The last highlight is Roth's "Polar nights" with awesome guitar riffs and Roth singing on it. Most progressive track of the album. Album ends to sweet and sentimental ballad "Yellow Raven". A song which represents Scorpions somewhat 20 years later.

Scorpions's best years were still ahead, althought this one has some good material in it. A real treasure to Scorpions fan.