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Scorpions see Eye II Eye with Fan base. - 87%

sixxswine, August 6th, 2004

The first question that I asked myself when I got the Scorpions’ latest release Unbreakable, was would it be unlistenable? I mean this was one of my favorite bands growing up, the last studio record of theirs that I liked was Crazy World. That record wasn’t even up to par with the previous records. Since that time the band has been in tail spin, releasing three best of compilations, three live records & three studio records. Now with the fourth studio record, would they redeem themselves? Yes & no. While they have returned with a decent record, it doesn’t in anyway measure up to their classic material. It’s not Eye II Eye either. They have experimented with some new sounds & updated themselves, without isolating their core audience. Is too late? They really surprised the fans with the last studio disc & many ran to the hills & it’s safe to say that many probably won’t be back. The rockers on this disc will have your pulse pumping, the weakest tracks, which for me is surprise, are the ballads. Scorpions have always delivered, when it came to those. I think the choice in opening the record with "New Generation," was brilliant, it’s one of the most solid songs on the record. Other stand outs include, "Borderline," "My City My Town," and then there’s a song listed as a bonus track entitled "Remember the Good Times." That song is similar to Billy’s Joel’s "We Didn’t Start the Fire," fuled by German adrenaline. It’s the bastard brother of that song, however only spanning the decade of the 60’s and they do an admirable job covering all that happend during that time in history. Klaus sounds remarkable as usual, as does Mathias & Rudolf, I have seen these guys live three times, during a span of 12 years with several years between each show. I haven’t walked out disappointed yet. They put on one hell of a show & haven’t lost a step. Unbreakable in short, is a respectable effort, hopefully the better is yet to come. Not bad for a band that has been around for 30 years plus & counting.