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A Very Good Effort - 83%

gunnarvl, April 19th, 2006

For so many years this band was my favorite band in the world. The last nearly perfect album they made however was Savage Amusement way back in 1988. Subsequent albums had good moments yet overall they dwelled in mediocrity from 1991's Crazy World, 1993's Face The Heat onward, with the exception being the terrific Acoustica released in 2002. The Scorps hit the bottom with the release of the tepid Eye To Eye about four years ago, and it seemed as though they might never release another studio album with new songs.

Unbreakable is a good record. I count at least 7 very strong songs that could be released as singles. The additional songs are decent but not outstanding. There is no doubt that Klaus Meine still has one of the best and most distinctive voices in the world. Rudolph Schenker is a genius at creating catchy riffs and writing powerful heavy pop songs. The production and mix is very strong for the most part with a huge bassline pumping under everything. However, it seems that after establishing guitar God status with his inventive playing back in 1982 on Blackout, and solidifying that status on 1984's Love At first Sting and Savage Amusement in 1988, Matthias Jabs has all but disappeared. We know he is physically there, but his soloing on virtually everything since 1988 is generic and buried in the mix. Why is that? Where have you gone Mattias?

On to the songs: I find Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em to have elements of parts from Taken By Force from 1978 incorporated into the song. The song is extremely catchy and could be a hit; Deep And Dark is perhaps the best song on the album and is another potential huge hit; Maybe I Maybe You is very stong,starting out mellow and features Klaus before building to a cresendo; Someday Is Now could be another hit and reminded me of Slade's Run Runaway from 1983 with the layers of acoustic guitars under the entire song; Through My Eyes sounds like something from the In Trance/Virgin Killer days back in 1976 and 1977, and it is fabulous; And finally Remember The Good Times is a catchy bonus song that has some clever lyrics and feel good athmosphere.

I rate the CD 83 out of 100 which is a bit high, but I do so because how many bands these days put out albums with 7 of the 13 tunes being very strong? Not too many. Not to mention how many bands who have been recording as long as the Scorpions have (32 years) still put out high quality material? Not many if any. This is a good album by a band who can pull this stuff off in their sleep. They are legends. This is quality work.