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Scorpions - Speedy's Coming - 100%

Arachnid2010, December 29th, 2011

Scorpions are true, underrated LEGENDS. In my opinion, their best material was written when they had Uli Jon Roth in the band, but only an idiot would dislike the Matthias era. So let's get to the review!

Speedy's Coming: This is one of Scorpions' first real hard rockers. It was a song that would showcase their future sound to come. The song starts off with crazy guitar noise created by Uli and then a solo frenzy loaded with wild whammy bar action. Then we have the real part of the song, the verses and choruses. Klaus sings with a very strong voice on this one, with his German accent making every line unique. Rudolph and Uli provide great guitars, Francis gives a great bass line, and Rudolph (Lenners) showcases a spot on the drum line. One of my favorite songs ever.

They Need A Million: This is an EXCELLENT song. It starts off with calm but fast-paced acoustic guitar played with Klaus singing along perfectly. Once the peaceful intro is complete, we have an almost psychedelic hard rock riff pumped out from Uli and Rudolph. Lenners provides a very complicated and unique drum line on this song. Of course, a little known fact is that Achim Kersling is the keyboard player. Back to the song now. This number features some of Uli's stand out playing. The song seems to be about poverty in the world and how we must help the less fortunate.