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Ship's Still Sinking - 50%

SweetLeaf95, May 15th, 2018

Oh boy, there aren't too many signs of recovery in the near future. If Face The Heat was the leftovers of Crazy World, then Pure Instinct is like the leftovers of leftovers. In other words, it's like that food that's been sitting in your fridge for two weeks now that nobody bothered to eat because it was only good fresh, and now nobody wants to touch it. May as well just pitch it out. This is gonna be pretty quick and to the point, because there really isn't enough physically here to warrant a beefy description.

If you're looking for choppy song structure, then look no further, because there isn't a single track on here that flows very nicely, save for MAYBE the ballad "When You Came Into My Life". Riffs are broken up into powerless bursts of light strumming, providing no redeemable jam structure. The staccato style that's imposed on a great number of them only make it worse. Acoustics are added in all over the place, but they take the same route, and fail to save this from being boring. Oh yeah, that's another key thing. Even when there's a strong lead in the instrumental department, it fails to drop anything memorable. Sure, there's a catchy chorus here and there, and perhaps this adds a wee bit of relevance to this. That's no excuse for shitty songwriting, especially if I already forget how the song goes within five seconds of it ending. The ballads (other than the one mentioned earlier) completely suck too. "Does Anyone Know" doesn't have the emotion it tries oh so hard to possess, and the long intro serves no purpose but giving you more time to fall asleep. Thank God Klaus can at least still sing cleanly and concisely on this, because if not then we'd really be lost!

That seems to be a common theme; the worst albums by this band are always the longest. The album following this one is the absolute lowest, and worst piece of shit they'd ever pump out, yet it's their longest album. This one isn't much shorter. Are there catchy moments? Sure. Is there an ever so slight hint of thought? I guess. And could it be plenty worse? You bet. Not worth your time, though. Unless if you're a discography collector, there's not much need to visit this.