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It rocks you like a freakin' hurricane! - 94%

cyclone, November 30th, 2004

You all know Scorpions. Yeah, you do. They're the band, who has that huge hit, Wind Of Change with that famous start. And this is their metal bible. Love At First Sting is as metal as a record can get. Let me explain a bit. Scorpions are a German heavy metal/hard rock/arena rock band. They have this great singer, who's voice is completely out of this planet and guitarists, who are able to do the most catchy riffs, flashy solos and all-in-all great songs you could ever imagine. And this is, in my opinion their finest record.

Klaus Meine does a great job with vocals. As said, he has an amazing voice and he was probably born just to sing on this record. Melodic, fun and catchy. That's what is all about. Jabs and Schenker also do great. They produce some of the catchiest riffs ever. The riffs are really simple, but they work just amazing. Soloing and lead work is typically 80s. Flashy and pure fun.

The record is really well balanced, but there are some highlights worth mentioning. The opener, Bad Boys Running Wild is a great way to start off. Nice catchy chorus, neat guitar work and the lyrics that just scream HEAVY METAL!

Rock You Like A Hurricane is the best song on the album. It's one of those song you just love. The ones who just make you wanna scream, headbang and just go crazy (see also: Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart, Saxon - Princess Of The Night,...). Awesome! It goes almost the same for Big City Nights. Two songs like that on an album - a winner! Crossfire is a neat song with that army rhythm, which works fine.

Scorpions have always been the masters of ballads. And they didn't fail to do it again. Still Loving you is a touching ballad, placed at the end of the album and it's definitely a must-hear. As one can see from the title, it's about love. It builds up with an acoustic, the verse part is really mellow and soft, but the chorus picks it up a little bit, just to get a bit more exciting.

Love At First Sting is a great album. If you like heavy metal, and I'm sure you do, get it! Now!