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Good... Metal? - 77%

Erdrickgr, January 4th, 2008

This was the last Scorpions record from a five year period (1979-1984) in which they were really churning out the best material of their career. While not living up to Lovedrive or Blackout, this album still has a lot of ass kicking songs, and some awesome slower material as well.

The album begins with the rocker Bad Boys Running Wild, which along with Big City Nights and a couple other songs, really adds some rocking meat to the album. I think that, overall, this album is heavier than a lot of their previous albums, which is sort of interesting considering that it was also their best selling album in the U.S. (triple platinum).

Then there is Rock You Like a Hurricane, which I guess is the main reason that this record sold so well. It's one of those infectuously good songs that you'll probably listen to, even if you loathe pop metal. The other major reason that this album sold so well would probably be Still Loving You, which is a great ballad.

There are a few average songs, though I wouldn't go so far as to call them filler. Also, while they drag the album down somewhat, they are scattered throughout the album, so there's no long lulls. I guess this album would be pop metal, but it nonetheless has some good tunes.