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Classic Scorpions - 75%

DawnoftheShred, March 14th, 2007

One of the undeniable forces of 80’s metal, the Scorpions stood high above their glam contemporaries, creating a much darker and more technical sound better compared to Skid Row than to Whitesnake. Love at First Sting is a foundation of their popularity, reflecting all of the aspects of their unique sound and while it might not be their best album, it is certainly a good representation of their abilities, dwarfed only by the might of their 70's material and the unfuckable Blackout that preceded it.

There’s a nice variety of song types on here, ranging from standard rockers to ballads to borderline speed metal numbers, all being quality. Despite this, I must say that “Rock You Like a Hurricane” is really fucking overrated. Perhaps it's standard wear from years of mainstream radio play, or maybe its just that the song is unbearably typical of generic 80’s metal, but I can’t stand this track, though a few of the other songs on this album follow its formula. Songs like “I’m Leaving You” and the other big hit “Big City Nights” feature that signature Scorpions catchy riff work with Klaus Meine’s equally signature vocals over top, but without complaints. The rest of the songs mix it up a bit. “The Same Thrill” picks up the pace and displays a ton of cool lead moments, which just begs the question as to why the Schenker/Jabs harmony tag team was never as revered as the Smith/Murray one over in Iron Maiden. But the real beauty of this album (as well as many other Scorps offerings) is the power ballads. It’s in their mellower moments that the band truly shines, evident on the album’s masterpiece “Still Loving You.” Haunting riffing, magnificent vocals, brilliant soloing and great lyrics, this song rules and provides a great tone upon which to end the album.

There’s not a whole lot else to say here. This is classic 80’s metal, classic Scorpions, and classic hard rock. They weren’t pushing any boundaries with this one (though there’s some overt progressivism to be found in “As Soon as the Good Times Roll), but this is solid in performance, technical flair, and songwriting, so what else can you ask for? Definitely worth checking out if you’re into the style.