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Building the foundations - 70%

VNVNV, February 21st, 2007

This album is not like the Scorpions that hit it big in the 80s with songs like “No one like you” or “Winds Of Change”. Lonesome Crow represents a very young Scorpions that features Michael Schenker (16 years old at the time of this recording) on guitar together with his brother Rudolph.

It’s obvious that this album was heavily inspired by the early albums of Black Sabbath, although it has more of a “bluesy rock with a hint of psychedelic groove” feeling. Some of the guitar solos on “Inheritance” and “Action” sound just like Mr. Iommi was channeling himself through their guitars.

The bass and drums are not really taking a backseat to all of this, both Lothar Heimberg and Wolfgang Dziony prove themselves more than capable. The excellent bass work is especially noticeable all over the album.

Lonesome Crow will not fall into the classic Scorpions album category, but all together as a debut this will not disappoint.

This album can be considered one of the foundations of the Wave of German Heavy Metal that was coming about a decade later. This will be thoroughly appreciated by you that enjoy rock and early metal.