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One Trippy Debut - 75%

Torgo, June 11th, 2004

The closest thing I can compare this to is Black Sabbath's early work. However, no where near as down tuned or distorted. The lead work provided by then fraternal guitar team Rudolph and Michael Schenker screams out it's influence from Tony Iommi. Indeed, the opening track I'm Going Mad is atmospheric with agonized yelled vocals coming in towards the end.
The bass work is also a highlight of this album, as would any album so inspired by the likes of Geezer Butler. It's is crisp and clear giving the music great depth. This is 1972 so don't expect the duel guitar work of the 80's. When the solo starts, its the bass that provides the rhythm underneath. It all Depends is a great example of the phenomenal bass support.
This album doesn't get near the attention it deserves. From the intro of In Search of the Peace of Mind you can see the route the band, and metal would take in the coming years. Throw in some backing power chords to that intro lead and you have the beginning of NWOBHM, or GHM, in this bands case.
If your a fan of 70's metal and rock then give this album a try. It ranges from bluesy metal to psychedelic rock. The early vocals of Klaus Meine are quite different and more reserved. The lead work is great and a definite nod to Mr. Iommi. Overall this is a great debut.