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Great Release!!! - 87%

Brat1983, January 17th, 2006

This album is pretty special to me, being the first album ever I heard by Scorpions. I loved it 7 years ago and I still love it to this day! It's a great varied mix of heavy metal and hard rock songs + some ballads thrown in here and there.

8 of the 13 tracks here are real killers while the rest rank from ok to good.

Alien Nation is the heaviest track I've ever heard by the Scorpions! A real nice heavy metal anthem about the city of angels. Real catchy riff!!!

No Pain No Gain is another heavy metal attack that will leave you stunned. Catchy and melodic, yet very heavy!

Under the Same Sun is the first ballad here. A real likeable tune asking why mankind is fighting all over the world... why we can't live as one. Yeah, it's been used many times by many bands, but this one is one of the best ones of that bunch!

Woman, possibly the greatest song I've ever heard by Scorpions... one of the best songs by any band ever... It's impossible to describe... it's just perfect in any way! Wonderfully done falsettos by Klaus Meine!!

Taxman Woman.. A hard rocking song of the taxman woman coming to take all your money... "if it wasn't for you I would be rich... Instead I'm a poor son of a bitch". Nice rhythm and good solo.

The last 3 tracks I wanna talk about are all ballads, starting with the wonderful Lonely Nights. A song about heartache and longing for the lost love. Scorpions are perfect at writing these songs!

The last 2 songs of the disc are only available on cd. It's 2 acoustic ballads: Destiny + Daddy's girl. Destiny just wants you to sing along it's amazing chorus while Daddy's girl wants to tell you the sad story of incest. It actually is a little repetitive, but it's okay as it's still not overdone and it's a serious matter it focuses on!

The last 5 songs are all hard rock tracks, that stands out fine on their own but put together on 1 disc they sound a little too similar. Nevertheless, each song are masterly played. Schenker & Jabs work damn well together!! And Klaus Meine's vocal is better than ever here. Those falsettos in Woman are simply sublime!!!

A very fine effort by Scorpions, yet sadly overlooked and critizised. This fine gem deserves a place in every melodic hard rock / heavy metal fan's collection!