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An Inexcusable Atrocity - 10%

Sweetie, May 28th, 2015

The mere fact that this album has four reviews, and two of those reviews are given 100% absolutely disgusts me. Anybody can have an opinion and like what they want, and if this record somehow appeals to you, fine. But 100 fucking percent?! Not a chance. Scorpions are one of my favorite heavy metal bands in the world and I love just about everything that they put out, no matter which style they used since it's so diverse. But this piece of shit is the only exception to that, and should never have seen the light of day.

Eye II Eye was an experiment gone wrong. Almost every style change that this band went through went very well, but not this one. They decided to take a "boy band" inspired approach with this record. Let's take "Obsession", for example. It opens up with an acoustic piece that certainly lacks the in depth intricacy that this band has been capable of in the past, but that's not even the terrible part. When the chorus comes in, there's a computerized sounding beat keeper in the background, overlaid with Klaus's vocals that you would think would sound good, but instead were uttered in a staccato style with no tone to it, and was nothing like they have ever done before. It lacks any sign of emotion, and there's hardly any soothing output that this incredible vocalist is known for, and clearly fails to use here. The vocal work on this entire wreck sounded like it was written and performed by a boy band that decided to throw in some real instrumentation here and there, and that's just simply inexcusable in my book.

For that matter, the instrumentation doesn't even come close to anything that they have done before. The riffs are mediocre and don't play any significant role here. They're basically just manufactured sounding and are simply there for something to hear, not actual music to get into. And forget solos too, because it's nothing but disappointment, or they just aren't there. The fact that I'm even giving this record any points at all is because somewhere, deep down inside, there is something that actually sounds like good music, but it's so rare. As far as lyrical content, it's just as shitty as the rest of it. "To Be No. !" just flat out sounds like it was written by a twelve year old girl. To make everything worse, this album is so long, clocking in over an hour. You would wonder how you can expand terrible music like that to be so long, but they just churned out pointless melodies over and over again, with bad vocal work and bare minimal guitar work. The fact that this can be compared to NSYNC is just atrocious.