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Very overrated - 65%

el_rengo, June 22nd, 2007

It's 1990, the Berlin Wall fell down one year earlier, and this was the inspiration of Klaus Meine to write one of the biggest songs in rock history, not just the Scorpions history. In fact "Wind of Change" is a true masterpiece, the anthem of that great band called Scorpions, and I love to hear it very often. It's a song that makes me cry of emotion.

But the rest of this album is far from reaching the level of that classic, almost every song is suffering the "Savage Amusement" syndrome, that is, a more commercial, popish sound, leaving their 70's rocker music aside. I take this moment from which the Scorpions after started to fall until they reached the bottom in 1999.

There are some highlights here, I like "To Be With You In Heaven" or "Hit Between the Eyes", this one has a little of aggressiveness that, unfortunately, is very rare in this work. The last songs make my choice for the worst content: annoying, dense, uninspired, boring. "Send Me an Angel" doesn't manage to keep my interest, it's not the gem that everybody says. Nevertheless, I like that song performed with the philharmonic.

It would be unfair, however, not mentioning the performance of Klaus Meine, who tries to put the best of him in this work, especially in "Wind of Change", although his effort here cannot be compared to the previous releases until "Love at First Sting".

Conclusion: this album was a huge success, more than anything, due to "Wind of Change". But I think it was too overrated, and I would recommend to the Scorpions' fans first to listen at the most, until "Blackout" or "Love at First Sting" (don't forget their 70's material). And of course, their last work "Humanity - Hour I". Get "Wind of Change", but as much as possible, try to avoid listening all this album.