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Not really crazy, but pretty decent - 80%

Brainded Binky, December 29th, 2014

Scorpions are a band that even if you're more into classic rock than metal, you've probably heard of. They're the guys behind "Rock You Like A Hurricane", and lesser known hits like "No One Like You" or "Big City Nights". Some of their other hits, like the ballad, "Wind of Change" are found on this album, "Crazy World". While it's an album that has many hints of the last release, "Savage Amusement", I must say it's a huge improvement from it.

Yeah, sure, there's the ballad "Wind of Change", but that's actually one of the better ballads in existence, what very few there are. Light guitars? Check. Sweet sounding hook? Check. Whistling? Check. Subject matter that relates to the fall of communism that occurred around the time of this album's recording? Okay, that might be optional for ballads, but hey, let's go with it, it sounds great! Yep, that's one of the big reasons why this album isn't categorized as just another syrupy love song, 'cos that's just what it's not. It's actually supposed to be a more joyous song about the end of communist oppression in East Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall rather than the usual subject matter of breakups and heartbreak. There's also the other ballad "Send Me an Angel", which is more of a haunting and gloomy rather than glossy and sugary. It's another ballad that's actually more tolerable, as opposed to "Believe in Love" from the previous release, which was just pretentious and dumb.

Yes, we do get some of that hard rockin' aggression that we're all familiar with. My personal favorite track on here is "Hit Between the Eyes", a song that's a more fast and driving beat and a rugged guitar hook. We really didn't get much of that on "Savage Amusement" (although "Love on the Run" was kinda fast). There's also "Don't Believe Her" which has the same pounding tempo as "Rock You Like a Hurricane", and a pretty catchy chorus too. Usually when there are catchy choruses, they can be irritating, but here, it's more pleasing to listen to, since it's not so bright and peppy. It's got more of an angry and desperate tone to it, which actually makes it cool to listen to, even if it does manage to stick in your head for a little while. "To Be with You in Heaven" is a more radio-friendly song, but it's played in the key of F, a very solemn key that not a whole lot of pop songs use. Despite its radio-friendliness, it's actually a pretty decent song, all things considered. It's unconventional key of F tone creates a dramatic atmosphere instead of having an upbeat and goofy sound which would otherwise make it asinine.

Speaking of asinine, we're not totally free of songs that would qualify as such. There's also some radio-friendly songs that would've made effective, if not moronic, singles had they not been dumped in the filler category. "Tease Me, Please Me", unfortunately, is not one of those songs. It was released as a single, and man is it completely idiotic! If the song's title alone wasn't enough to turn you away, the chorus, obvious topic of sex, and bright and goofy tone most likely will. That's the kind of song you'd expect Poison to come up with; a song tailor-made to be the next pop hit. "Kicks After Six" is an even more annoying song. The utterly ridiculous lyrics of a rebellious chick escaping the norm comes as absolutely no surprise due to the song's happy tone. If these songs were released any earlier than 1987, it'd be a surefire way of making your album a dated piece of the 80's that even Motley Crue would call pathetic.

All in all, "Crazy World" isn't so much of a crazy world after all, but it does seem to try hard to be so. In some instances it falls flat on its face and in others, it exceeds. It's definitely not a fantastic album, but for a Scorpions fan, it's a must-have for his/her collection due to those songs that made it (somewhat) famous.