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Another re-make of once good music... - 20%

oldfromthe80smetal, January 31st, 2012

There is not much I can say to the once good music that came from the Scorpions. Except that they used to play hard, heavy and good songs. I had to give Comeblack a play as maybe they would put some different - potentially harder and speedier - style to these tracks they re-did.

Well, they didn't do it right. They made each song sound slower and softer than the original. On Blackout, they actually sounded pretty good for the copy but still mellower, older and not enough push to make it pleasurable. On Rhythm Of Love, they made a horrid mistake of making the opening riff sound like a country intro. Worse still, as it is for all the songs here, the stale sounds are more present than attempting to give it all that they could. You can tell that Klaus is going on 64. The voice I really wanted to hear if he would try to out-do himself. That was a Klaus-all fail (I may have heard that somewhere before). The guitars sounded tuned pretty well and has the heavy potential, but hey never get their tightness and overall fluid sound working - not to mention the regular speeds they should have tried to maintain.

The cover songs, The Beatles - Across the Universe, The Stones - Ruby Tuesday, and Small Faces - Tin Soldier were done pretty well, the originals were good songs and they didn't take much away from those. They didn't do a bad job on any of the covers, but it just isn't up to par of the sounds I expected.

After hearing all songs a couple of times, I actually felt worse about the good memories I had for the original songs and the albums they came from. The remakes didn't change my view of the originals - every band can use some more practice. My score is a 20% as I can always add to my full collection of my Scorpions tunes but an overall LOSS of the band moving forward I fear has now befallen the once heralded heavy metal powerhouse.