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80's "hair" metal done right. - 85%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 20th, 2004

Well this is one of the earlier metal bands I liked, they may be hair metal, its borderline and up for debate. But this album isn't all that bad. It has its 80's hair metal cheese moments, like a few over the top chorus's, but aside from that its not all that hair metal.

There are a ton of great riffs and guitar work on this album. The solo's are pretty talented, on par with Judas priests. The music doesn't lack any intensity, and there is an even mix of all the elements on this album. The vocals are second to the guitar work. The singer sings with volume and power and you can tell he is into his songs. Excellent drumming and bass work.

Being how this album is old, and has a dated sound, I don't think many people are going to reach to it. It has a difinitive 80's metal sound. Just think 80's mainstream metal done right. I just take points off because the album can get annoying after awhile, there is only so much 80's metal I can take.

Best Track Can't Live Without You.