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C L A S S I C ! ! ! - 90%

Snxke, July 2nd, 2004

Absolutely classic. Sometimes I wonder why I feel the need to review this CD, as so much has been said by the world that little praise can be seen as anything more than repetition. Sadly, the world often forgets it's best creations so I will contribute to making sure that a younger audience knows that this CD is a MUST HAVE for any metal fans collection. The tight as a button production, perfect vocals and ten-ton hooks leave anyone into metal feeling vibrant and alive. Rarely is "feel good" metal something I would dignify, but even I can't put this record down when it sinks it's fangs (or stinger as it may be) into my mind.

The songwriting is mostly flawless, hit-driven and muscular. Never before had a band has a hit single that sounded so strong and intense. "No One Like You" is heavier than one might first imagine due to it's popular place in the metal world. The rest of the CD is eqaully intense and interesting. I could drop track names, but that would simply miss the point I am trying to make. This CD is a "beginning to end" listen that few bands ever came close to capturing. It may be fun, but it's hardly dumb. Those pesky Germans proved for the first time that they WERE the land of the damned genre.

The Scorpions may have since sullied their timeless reputation with strange records that make little sense (even though the band HAS fairly been evolving drastically from it's origins) but this record is any bit as good as "Screaming for Vengence" or "Number of the Beast". The hooks are tight, the performance amazing and the band at the top of their game.

The Scorpions may have never topped the amazing mix of fun and total metal mayhem like they did on this platter...but in one moment they were the PERFECT band.