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Dynamite!!! - 95%

IfIPlayedGuitar, July 5th, 2005

This Album is one of those albums that function as a definition of Traditional Metal. Just pure, catchy, mildly heavy Traditional Heavy Metal. Ooh, and one should not forget the guitars. Not the fastest, or the heaviest, or the most complex (though the solos do climb onto the guitar god's mountian of greatness). Rather, the album is built on solos, and well composed, memorable riffs. And many little licks.

Cover: A pretty original thing, really. It is a well drawn picture of Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar) in a staight jacket, medical bandage rapped around his head, and forks over eyes, shattering glass with a scream. I'd suggest a google images search of this cover.

Blackout: the CD opens with the title track, and what a track it is. It is about getting wasted, blacking out, and trying to figure out what happened the night before. Funny lyrics:"I look around and see this face/ What the hell have I lost my taste", "I grab my things and make a run/ on the way out another one/ would like to know before I stop/ did I make it or did I flop".A catchy, slightly raw riff opens, and then a solo picks up and dances around it. The two guitars are then joined by the other instruments and the song begins. The main riff is just so great sounding, being quick but not speed metal (think of Princess of the Night by Saxon). And the solo, singular, is wicked! It carries through the entire song. The second half is catchy as fuck (I have had this solo pop up in my head at the most inapropriate times- especially during Chem. Honors tests)- you'll probably forget the song name, the band name, the vocals, and all else, but this solo will stay with you in the back of your head for the rest of your life.

Can't Live Without You: The riffs are okay, but forgetable. The lyrics give away the songs purpose- its a live song, energetic, and full of forgettable lyrics. But the solo, oh the solo. It's a great solo that carries throughout the whole song. Some shredding, some chords, all greatness.

No One Like You: Another great song. The vocals are excellent and distinctive, as always, via Mr. Meine. The Lyrics are almost cheesy, but are saved by the utter conviction they are sang with. The riffs are, again, good and catchy, and the solo is actually spine tingling.

You Give Me All I Need: At first this song sounds like pure filler. However, after several listens, this song really warms up into a great song. A well composed riff, and some good soloing, and Meine's infectious vocals.

Now!: Technically it's filler. But I like it. It's fast for 1982, and the riffs are great in my opinion- not overly catchy, but fun. The lyrics are reminescent of Manowar's Animals, though this came first. The solo section, along with the second half of the song are 100% head bangable. Forgetable, but fun.

Dynamite: Speed metal. That's what this is. Well, speed metal minus the double base. But the Soloing makes up for it, one of the fastest, most frantic solos I have ever heard (and I'm a Dragonforce fan). The lyrics are typical Scorpions, but with some aggression-"Kick your ass to heaven with Rock and roll tonight", "I'm gonna make my shot tonight/ Take you down to hell/ Eat your meat until you're breathless/ Twirl your hips arround/ I'm gonna break my neck tonight/ to get you off the ground". Great stuff. And the riffs- catchy as hell! Well played. Pretty much perfect. 4 minutes 12 seconds of kicked ass. Bang your head.

Arizona: this is metal that feels like something from the first british invasion (Kinks, Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc). Just fun and catchy. The riffs are nice, not aggressive (though a nonmetal fan would call them aggressive), and set a laid back happy atmosphere (not power metal happy, but rather I want to Hold Your Hand happy). Good, slower soloing that fits the music.

China White: Buckle up and prepare for destruction. This song doesn't sound like a Panzer group flying across fields in western France; this song sounds like a single Tiger tank rolling through the ruins of a concrete city, crushing all in its path- women, children, infantry, jeeps, dogs, and other tanks. The lyrics are very similar to "Winds of Change" in the "No more war, we need love" sense. But much fucking darker. Remember, the Scorpions were hippies in the sixties, so anti-war and love are common lyrics, and becuase of the bands conviction to the ideals, always sound right. The soloing is slower, and, like every other solo here, has alot of feel, attitude, spirit, whatver to it, and comes out fairly heavy. Yes, a solo that sound heavy. Amazing song, and kindof brutal for tridtional metal. Bang thy Skull, and bang it hard.

When the Smoke is Going Down: A slower ballady song in the begining. It seems to be about playing live. the music and lyrics are kind of creepy, and one put together get really eerie.

All in all, a great album, with no real pits or mediocre songs, but instead several awesome, and 3 good songs. If you like traditional metal, ala Saxon, Judas Priest, Motorhead, black Sabbath, and maybe a little bit of NWOBHM, buy this, and by it fast.