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Scissorfight - Balls Deep

Today's special: Groove - 75%

langstondrive, September 19th, 2004

Scissorfight's second offering is one of their same: loud, heavy and crushing. In this, however, they manage to hide a whole bunch of groove into each and every one of the songs by combining stark instrumental simplicity with the grunts and growls of vocalist Ironlung. Think Pantera, skip on the production, make the lyrics more abstract (ie: remove all the useless "FUCK YOU's" from them) and put in place a more bearable vocalist and you have this album. With strange and thought provoking song titles, New Hampshire's Scissorfight just might have something going on here.

Notable tracks incluce "The Curse of the Returned Astronaut", for featuring one of the most headbangable breakdowns in all of metal as well as "Human Head", the complete epitome of a true groove riff. Nothing fancy to be found here, no Malmsteens, Hoglans or Halfords here, what the band does lack in pure talent, they more than make up for in ruthless agression, angry rants and raw, furious rage.

This is rather hard to find, but pick it up if it's cheap, overly groovy, but not necessairly in a bad way.