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not really offensive, just extremely awful - 0%

caspian, August 6th, 2010

This is rather bad, but also quite strange. Upon listening to this rather featureless storm of low bit rate, rhythmless guitars I have to wonder "how much of this is deliberate?" Is this meant to be ambient? Or was he just too lazy to put drums in? The strange, maybe-or-maybe-not deliberate ambient and the rather badly played "Schlaflos" with it's clean guitar and really crap vocals makes this a puzzling listen indeed.

Thing is though that while the interest does start with "is this intentional?" it also ends there. Two of the three songs here are shapeless, structureless cloud like things, consisting of a crappy guitar with some bad distortion and delay impersonating a particularly tone-deaf swarm of blowflies. "Wanderungen" has a few strange helicopter like sections and, uh, more "riffs" (I say that term extremely loosely) and I assume it's meant to have drums on it but really it's impossible to tell. Regardless, in it's current form it really SUCKS.

Let's describe this as succintly as possible: two "songs" featuring a dude arseing about on a distorted guitar. Nothing less, certainly nothing more. Also, one "song" featuring a dude arseing about on a guitar without distortion. This is a strange bit of curio, but most importantly it's a really bad bit of curio. I'm giving it zero percent, because literally anyone with any knowledge of music theory could knock out something better in ten minutes.