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Inside the Maze of Madness - 92%

Violent_Solutions, May 13th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, Digital, Redefining Darkness Records

I stumbled upon my fellow countrymen by accident and didn't even knew they're from Belgium at the time. So no chauvinism was in play when I started digging them early on. I must say I like(d) the EP, but I wasn't blown away by it, like some other people were. But it certaintly put them out there. They started writing soon after the EP on a Full Length and that was the element that kept them going. No long pause that would lead up to people just forgetting about them, except for some 'die hards'.

Ok, let's get started then. My favourite track must be Monolith, it's super tight, well actually a lot of songs on this one are, but this one for me stands out. Fast riffing and a captivating chorus really got me hooked. Also sceaming along to "Cryptic storms of evil, erasing sanity" is vastly satisfying! Two other tracks are also fighting for the top position, those are Souls Of Retribution and Inside the Walls of Madness. Those two are both lenghty and have superb songwriting. I must admit I'm a fan of technical thrash and death, so that makes me really fond of the songwriting on this hell of an album. The 'intros' in some songs are really welcome as a 'pause' from all the brutal pounding and also benefit the album, instead of making the album unnecessary longer. For instance the intro from Fall of the Damned adds extra atmosphere to the song.

The song I tend to skip is Sea of Sorrow, not a bad song, not at all, but it doesn't 'get' me as much as the other songs do. Look out, this could change, since I tend to change my favourite song on an album from time to time. Another mishap is the misfortune of the vinyl pressings. Keeps on being delayed, but I hope they'll be arriving somewhere soon. I must say the advertising for this album has been good, 2 videos were made. A lot of gigs and a small tour with (some of my other Benelux favourites) Cryptosis helped them promote their name even more. I saw the album passing by on socials and they made some guitar playthrough videos, not really my kind of thing, but hey, content is better than no content.

After all, I give this album 92%, I actually think this is a modern day classic, especially along all the dredge that's being released under the guise of death/thrash nowadays. I also think this is an improvement comparing to Voices. The vocals are better sounding for me personal and the song structures are much improved. If you like old skool death metal releases from the early Tampa scene alongside some of the more aggressive death/thrash bands like Demoltion Hammer, Incubus, Ripping Corpse you'll surely love this!