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Scheepers really likes Judas Priest - 65%

torment159, April 16th, 2011

Why Ralf Scheepers made this album solo project instead of just another Primal Fear record just makes no sense to me. It sounds like the first Primal Fear records, which also means it sounds like Judas Priest. I'm sure Primal Fear fans would have liked to see Ralf record an album that sounds like their classic material. Instead Ralf decided it would be better to make it a solo project and probably sell a lot less records.

If you haven’t heard of Ralf Scheepers before one thing you need to know is that he really really likes Rob Halford. When he wants to he can sound a lot like Halford and he wants to a lot. It’s kinda like that movie Rock Star with Mark Walburg, where he is a guy who worships a band and wants to do everything exactly like them. Eventually he learns that to be a true artist he needs to create his own original sound, except Ralf Scheepers still seems to really want to sound like Judas Priest. Luckily for him he has a slight German accent that distinguishes his voice from Halfords.

Overall the album is pretty average and unoriginal. Ralf Scheepers can really sing but as I said before he sounds like Halford. He wants to be Rob Halford so much that he has Ripper, probably the only guy who likes Halford more, do vocals on Remission of Sin. Why he had another singer sing on his solo album is beyond me, but it sounds ok. Scheepers voice isn’t the only thing Priest like on the album. The riffs sound either like Judas Priest or like generic power metal, nothing too special. There are a few ballads such as The Fall, The Pain Of The Accused, and Compassion which are also ok. These ballads break the album up a little and give it a little different of a sound.

If you like Judas Priest and are looking for more music that sounds like them check Scheepers out, but if you don’t like Judas Priest you will not like this album. It isn’t anything new and original but it’s worth a shot if you are into Judas Priest.