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Good death metal demo in black metal disguise - 72%

Lane, May 10th, 2012

Judging by the cover I'd say this is a black metal demo, but that is not the truth. Scent Of Flesh from Imatra, Finland play pure death metal. The band formed in 2000 and January 2001 they released their first demo called 'Drowned into the Darkness'. This is their 2nd effort and it was recorded in November 2001.

The band might be young, but their death metal sounds ready. Greece's Black Lotus Records felt so too and made the deal with the band. This is aggressive death metal with pounding and more intricate rhythmic compositions. While this might be nothing too original, there's that certain spark. The spark of life, I guess! These three songs are cool and varying. Stuff from Swedish death metal to Polish and American branches can be heard too.

Mister Ahokas has harsh low growl and he sounds really ugly. And when a bit blackish backing vocals accompany him (by the guitarist Matti Viisainen), things get even better. Lyrically this isn't anything new in death metal genre. Playing is tight, after all Scent Of Flesh are a five-piece band. The guitars are shredding and wall of sound is hard and I love that pounding, tight snare drum! Surprisingly, there's some calmer acoustic parts too, but never forgetting that evil atmosphere.

I am not at all surprised these guys got the deal, because this demo kicks some ass. Hopefully they'll find some individuality some day. A very good piece of death metal underground, this one. Finnish death metal is on growth. I like that!

(originally written for in 2002)